Collision 2018: Explore New Worlds

Collision, an annual Astronomy quiz show for UP students was held last August 28, Tuesday 6:00-9:00 pm in the Vinzons Hall Rooftop. The theme for this year’s Collision followed the same theme as our organization’s application process, Explore New Worlds: Space Exploration. This year’s Collision covered the following topics:

  • Explorers: astronauts, scientists, engineers, and ordinary people behind famous feats of discovery
  • Spacecrafts: iconic spacecrafts that aided men to reach the farthest recesses of our solar system
  • Record Breakers: those that went down in history to become the greatest, those that set the record
  • Innovators: projects, inventions, and discoveries that will pave the way or more advanced space explorations in the future

Participants that joined the event worked in teams of 2 – 3 members. The quiz show was divided ┬áinto two rounds, an Elimination Round and a Final Round. The top three teams from the Elimination Round moved into the Final Round. For the Elimination Round, all the teams started with 1000 points, and they can gain or lose points by answering correctly or incorrectly. The amount of points added or subtracted to their total points is determined using two 6-sided dice. They will receive/lose 100 points if the rolled sum is even, and 150 if it is odd. Teams may pass, but they will automatically lose 50 points. To keep things exciting, the special rolls listed below were followed:

  • Sum 7 – next round is double points
  • Double 1 or 6 – all teams that passed will receive (instead of lose) 50 points, all teams that answered get nothing
  • Double number (followed after 10 questions)

o Group with lowest score and correct answer gets 300 points

o Group with the highest score and incorrect answer loses 300 points

For the Final Round,teams were tasked to play AstroTaboo. Each had a representative become the describer, while his/ her other teammates guess as much as they want. They were all given two minutes to correctly guess 15 words worth 1 point each. They can incur the following penalties for not following the rules: uttering taboo words or acting out.The teams were ranked based on the number of words they guessed, or if they guess all words, on their elapsed time.

A total of seven teams participated in Collision 2018. The following is a list of the winners with their corresponding team name and prize:

1ST PLACE (Php 1000) Team Aster: Gene Carlo Belinario, Joseph Rodelas, Peter Gabriel Ledesma

2ND PLACE (Php750) Team The Father, the Sun, the Holy Spirit: Jose Lorenzo Daguilan, Miguel Yulo, Francis Dominguez

3RD PLACE (Php 500) Team ISAW: Kenneth Jay Alaba, Vina Cielo Cacal, John Carlo Borromeo

The University of the Philippines Astronomical Society congratulates the winners of Collision 2018: Exploring New Worlds. We hope they had as much fun as the members did facilitating and organizing this event for UP students.May all the participants, whether winners or not,continue to be passionate and excited about Astronomy. To more Astro trivia and pop culture references in the future!

Ad astra per aspera!

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