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National Astronomy Week

The National Astronomy Week is being celebrated by the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society every year. It is organized to develop in each student their interest in astronomy. Competitions are designed to broaden the knowledge of participants, cultivate their thinking skills as well as improve their self-confidence. For the teachers’ workshop, the lectures and activities are geared towards the improvement of science teaching in the Philippines.

Big Bang! Astronomy Quiz Show

Big Bang is a quiz show that aims to showcase high school students’ knowledge about astronomy and boost their competitiveness as they battle for victory against students from different schools.

Take Off! Rocket-making Competition

With their creativity and innovativeness, high school students would make their own rockets using plastic bottles and boost it with pumped air and water.

Parallax: A Teachers' Workshop

Parallax is a workshop that aims to discuss through our educators what could we gain in promoting and spreading our knowledge of Astronomy to the society, the country, and to all humanity.


Participate in UP Astronomical Society's  National Astronomy Week Celebration this February 2017!

Download the NAW 2017 HandBook here.