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National Astronomy Week

The National Astronomy Week is being celebrated by the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society every year. It is organized to develop in each student their interest in astronomy. Competitions are designed to broaden the knowledge of participants, cultivate their thinking skills as well as improve their self-confidence. For the teachers’ workshop, the lectures and activities are geared towards the improvement of science teaching in the Philippines.

25th Anniversary Celebration

This year, UP Astronomical Society celebrates its 25th Anniversary. In line with this, the organization will hold a year-long series of events that will showcase UP AstroSoc’s 25 years of history as well as its gratitude towards the people who have supported the organization throughout the years.

Astronomy Convention

ASTROCON is the biggest astronomy convention in the Philippines, spanning multiple days and nights and aiming to promote astronomy education to the participating schools, broadening their knowledge and expounding their interest in the science of the stars, planets, and extraterrestrial objects. ASTROCON features talks, lectures and hands-on activities presented by people renowned in astronomy and related fields in the Philippines, their topics ranging from the basics of astronomy to the specific niches of astronomy, from stargazing to astrophotography.


How well do you know the universe? To test such knowledge is UP AstroSoc’s COLLISION, a one-of-a-kind twist to astronomy game shows, challenging both your erudition and strategical thinking. University of the Philippines-Diliman students are welcome to form groups of two or three, use their skills, and grind their way up to the top for a chance to win some cash prizes.

Lakbay Langit

LAKBAY LANGIT is UP AstroSoc’s roaming astronomy camp, in cooperation with various schools, aiming to help the students discover the wonders of astronomy. Filled with lectures, labs, and fun activities such as stargazing and telescope viewing, it takes the students in and out of the classroom, familiarizing them with the theoretical and practical concepts of astronomy.

Lakbay Liwanag

LAKBAY LIWANAG is a cooperative campus visitation event, much like LAKBAY LANGIT, focusing on day-time solar observation. UP AstroSoc’s members will provide the students with handfuls of lectures, labs, and exciting hands on activities such as solar telescope viewing, light painting, and other astronomical amusements. 


Starburst is an astronomy workshop for kids.This three-day workshop is designed for children ages 4-12 to learn more about astronomy, meet new friends and have fun during the summer. The workshop includes telescope viewing, stargazing, astronomy lectures, telescope making and a lot more!

Public Observation and Sidewalk Astronomy

UP AstroSoc holds public observations during important Astronomical phenomena such as meteor showers, eclipses, etc., also, the organization sometimes hold Sidewalk Astronomy. The members of the organization would set up a few of the organization’s optical instruments on public places and hold a free viewing for the public.