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The University of the Philippines Astronomical Society (UP AstroSoc) is a duly recognized student organization of the University of the Philippines-Diliman dedicated to broaden the awareness, interest, knowledge and understanding of Astronomy among students and the general public , to bring together individuals interested in Astronomy, and to promote the common interest as well as the individual development of its members.

The organization is based on Moondeck, PAGASA Astronomical Observatory, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.


The National Astronomy Week is being celebrated by the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society every year. It is organized to develop in each student their interest in astronomy. Competitions are designed to broaden the knowledge of participants, cultivate their thinking skills as well as improve their self-confidence.


This year, UP Astronomical Society celebrates its 25th Anniversary. In line with this, the organization will hold a year-long series of events that will showcase UP AstroSoc’s 25 years of history as well as its gratitude towards the people who have supported the organization throughout the years.

Open House

The Open House is a one-night event open to all UP students where the PAGASA Observatory and UP AstroSoc tambayan will be open to the public. Simple snacks will be served to attendees.

Grand Dinner

The Grand Dinner is a one-night formal event for the members of UP AstroSoc. Dinner, performances, and sharing of memories from alumni will be done..

INOMN sa Diliman

INOMN sa Diliman is a public moon viewing event with live performances from local bands and spoken word artists in celebration of the International Observe the Moon Night.


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